Handheld laser of a new generation of Laserglow.

The company’s products Laserglow only a cursory look similar to conventional laser pointers, laser body only here a little bigger. However, lasers from Laserglow – not a toy for children. Still, their output power (in the beam) in the tens and top models – hundreds of times higher than that of common low-cost indexes.

One advantages of laser power are not exhausted. The company hit the market that has issued the first sale really pocket lasers beams of blue and green colors. Their dimensions can evaluate the image. Rays of these, by the way, can be seen even from the side, in contrast to the low-cost “red” pointers that reveal themselves only in a bright spot on the target.

Power beam top model of the laser equals 500 milliwatts. With these lasers can be, for example, make a jewel to shine in the ring. And the most striking thing – all this – in a relatively small cylindrical body (no external power supply and heavy cooling systems).

It is the most powerful handheld laser, which is in the free market. Inside the housing, in addition, actually, a laser placed conventional batteries from which the laser and feed. Add its beam divergence of less than 1.2 mrad.

This second laser for exposure burn inflated balloon, so that it burst spectacularly, or light a match, you can try and ignite the paper.


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